Success Manpower Services Co., Ltd.
Address: #51-53, St Northbridge, Sangkat Toek Thla, Khan Sen Sok, Phnom Penh City, Cambodia.


Success Manpower Services Co., Ltd. (SMS) is the leading manpower supply company in Cambodia, holding official License Number 284 M.L.V.T dated 08-Nov-2013, to recruite, train, send and manage Cambodia workers legally in the Kingdom of Thailand, Malaysia and Japan.

Success Manpower Services Co., Ltd. (SMS) takes 100% direct responsibility for its oversea manpower management in order to provide best benefits to all parties.

Success Manpower Services Co., Ltd. (SMS) is ready to serve you the best.








Working Environment

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Partners in Thailand

Up to date, SMS has strived to recruit, train, dispatch, and manage thousands of workers to work in the factories in Thailand as below:

  • Food Producing Factories
  • Electronic Producing Factories
  • Furniture Producing Factories
  • Toy Producing Factories  

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Partners in Malaysia

To make Cambodian workers to be more competitive in the global market, SMS has extended the manpower market by supplying competent, reliable, dedicated Cambodian workers to work in industry and agriculture fields in Malaysia.

Parnters in Malaysia

1. Brigate Resources Sdn. Bhd. , 2. Sime Darby Plantation Sdn. Bhd.

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Official License

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Tel: 023 96 97 09
Fax: 023 96 97 08
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